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Daintree accommodation with a unique difference
Daintree treehouse accommodation deep inside the rainforest

The Daintree Jungle Treehouse is true jungle style Daintree accommodation located deep inside the Daintree rainforest, within walking distance of the rainforest village Cape Tribulation.
Nearby you will find paradise beaches, walking trails in the National Park, restaurants and restaurants.

If the tree house looks too adventurous for you then our other place might suit you:

B&B accommodattion in Cape Tribulation in the Daintree rain forest
Our other accommodation place, a B&B with just a little bit more comforts

In our other accommodation place Rainforest Hideaway B&B we have two rooms to choose from, breakfast and free Wifi are included, and it is a bit less jungle style than the tree house. Click here for more information on our B&B.

The journey to here is along the 140 km. long Great Barrier Reef Drive that runs from Cairns to Cape Tribulation, an exceptionally scenic stretch of coastal road hugging remote deserted beaches wedged between two World Heritage listed National Parks, the great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the Daintree Rainforest.

During your stay, especially if you stay a few nights, there is also a reasonable chance you will get to see a cassowary.
Although they are rare and endangered, they are often seen in this part of Cape Tribulation. Just check out this Facebook page with regular updates on cassowary sightings.

Some serious furniture on the ground floor of the jungle tree house

If you are after some truly unique and very private Daintree accommodation, jungle style immersed in nature with some of today's basic comforts, then you need to look no further than this.
The Jungle Treehouse was not built with city folk tourists in mind, it was built by Cape Trib locals for Cape Trib locals, and now the city folk have a chance to see how the rainforest people live.
If Tarzan and Jane had lived in the 21st century, this is how they would have lived.

As this is not your usual place, please have a look through the photos and descriptions to see if this place would suit you, most people love it but for some it is just too scary!
Scroll down, read the description and see the photos before you click through to book this Daintree accomodation.
And if it all looks too adventurous to you, then maybe Rainforest Hideaway B&B is a better option for you...



The Jungle Treehouse is an octagon shaped pole cabin, set three metres high to enjoy magnificent views of the surrrounding rainforest, 150 metres from the nearest neighbour, and right next to a beautiful fresh water creek.

This unique Daintree accommodation features a (composting) toilet with rainforest views, an outdoor (hot) shower, solar electricity, a queen size bed, an east-facing breakfast bar and basic kitchen facilities.
Do not let the open design concern you, the nights are mosquito free!

daintree accommodation
Daintree accommodation surrounded by dense rainforest
accommodation in cape tribulation
True jungle style Daintree accommodation
The shower on the ground floor of the treehouse

lounge in your accommodation
The rock lounge downstairs in the jungle treehouse

rain forest views from your accommodation
Five star Daintree rain forest views from your back veranda
swim next to your daintree accommodation
Just behind the jungle treehouse is a beautiful fresh water rainforest creek to refresh.
(Seasonal of course, not in the dry time of year)

a beautiful creek runs past this accommodation in the daintree
Seasonal swimming hole in the creek


A few shots of the Daintree Jungle House interior:

accommodation in the daintree rainforest
View from the entrance, there are screens to keep the rain out, but not needed for mosquitoes as there simply aren't any at night!
daintree rainforest accommodation
East facing breakfast bar, watch the sun rise through the trees
daintree accommodation
The kitchen, bit basic but it has a 4 burner stove, toaster, a small gas powered fridge, and an esky (ice box) to lock food away from wildlife.
hammocks in  your daintree accommodation
Another great feature of the Jungle House;
two hammocks to laze away the days.
toilet of this daintree accommodation
The loo with a view, also known as composting dunny
daintree accommodation with outdoor shower
The world famous outdoor (hot) shower, as you are a long way from the nearest house this is very private, except for the odd cassowary poking his head around the corner....
the jungle house daintree accommodation
Front view of the Jungle Treehouse
unique daintree accommodation in the jungle
Stair case of the Jungle Treehouse
seats by the creek next to your accommodation
Seats by the creek behind the jungle house

Bar/viewing point over looking the creek



Totally unique private jungle style accommodation

A true jungle experience

Peace and seclusion

An acre of the world's oldest rainforest all to yourself

Next to freshwater creek

Linen and towels provided

Basic little kitchen with esky and small gas fridge to do your own cooking

Coffee and tea provided

Outdoor HOT shower

Composting toilet with a view

Back veranda with awesome rainforest view

Electric lights

Abundant wildlife

Walking distance to beach

Thai Massage available

No TV, video, hairdryer, computer, DVD player, airconditioning, stereo, telephone, internet, microwave or mobile phone reception.

No mosquitoes at night

No breakfast

No Wi-Fi, but you can come and use it in Rainforest Hideaway B&B between 10:00AM and 19:00PM


The Jungle House is a great option for people that love the outdoors and a back to nature experience.

The Jungle House is NOT suitable for people that get freaked out by (harmless) animals, nature, an outdoor shower, or a composting toilet.
Also we do not accept children under five years of age.

The dense rainforest around the Daintree Jungle House is a refuge for the endangered cassowary, and there is a fair chance you will get to see one during a stay of a few days.

Cassowary family in the Daintree
A family of cassowaries in Cape Tribulation



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Jungle House too adventurous for you? Then try Rainforest Hideaway B&B !


The Daintree Jungle House is the most jungle style Daintree accommodation